Farrell and Parkin


Exhibition Dates 25 November - 18 December 2010 Opening Thursday 25 November 6-8 pm

In early 2009 Farrell and Parkin began to manipulate some of their existing self portraits and through a process where transgressing from the norm became the norm, they startingly began morphing themselves into what could only be described as manga-like comic characters. One of


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Double Happiness: The Chinese Self Portraits of Farrell and Parkin

Exhibition dates : 30 July - 22 August 2009 Opening: Thursday 30 July 6-8pm

Farrell and Parkins Chinese Self Portraits do not reflect their desire to be Chinese or to even capture Chinese culture from a westerners point of view, they show the effect of Chinese culture seeping into their lives from first hand experience. Read more

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Exhibition dates : 27 February - 29 March 2008 Opening: Thursday 28 February 6-8pm

The Restoration series of works by Rose Farrell and George Parkin continue their engagement with renaissance perspective drawing and medical history. Rose Farrell and George Parkin create photos the old fashioned way. They load the camera with film, place the camera on a tripod and open the shutter ... Read more


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Location, Location, Location

Exhibition dates : 28 Mar - 5th June 2007
Opening: Tuesday 27 May 6-8pm

Catherine Woo, Craig Easton, Farrell & Parkin, Louise Forthun, Ingo Kleinert, John Morris, Murray Fredericks, Peter Callas, Richard Woldendorp

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Random Acts and Traces of the Flood

Opening Wednesday 26 April 6-8pm
26 April - 20 May 2006

Farrell and Parkins photographic prints belong to the pre-digital era where the image is produced in a darkroom by hand using a negative. This form of printing has often been called painting with light and that is essentially what it is. The negative has at it's core the light sensitive photo em ... Read more

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