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Awful Grandeur

Exhibition dates : 22 October - 15 November 2008 Opening: Wednesday 22 October 6-8pm

Awful Grandeur ... therefore my winged song thanks The man who distinguished cloud from cloud. J. W. von Goethe, 1820 Why is it that experiences are etched in memory only through partial traces? The tune of a song, touch of a hand, the warmth of the sun or blueness of the sky - such are ... Read more


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Handle with care - 2008 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art


1 March - 4 May 2008 In Handle with Care the 2008 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art considers aspects of contemporary life that generate disquiet and debate. An undercurrent of anxiety in today's society is explored in sculpture, photography, video, painting and installations by well-known Aust ... Read more

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Opening Wednesday 27 September 6-8pm
27 September - 21 October 2006

Belonging to a series about climate, these works aim to evoke different atmospheric ‘moments’. Whether about heat, an impending storm, different qualities of air or temperature, each work reflects changes in the atmosphere, but also refers to changes in our relationship to it. Confronted by seasons ... Read more

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