Past Exhibitions

Richard Woldendorp

Coasts, Lakes & Deserts

Opening Thursday 24 May 6-8 pm
Exhibition Dates 24 May - 23 June 2012


David Stephenson

A Survey . Photographs


A fascination for the vast in space and time has led David Stephenson to travel and photograph extensively around the world, with journeys to Europe, the Himalayas, and both the Arctic and Antarctic. He has photographed a range of subjects: landscapes, skyscapes, cityskypes and the ceilings of Eu ... Read more


Jay Mark Johnson

No Such Place

Opening Thursday 26 April 6-8 pm
To be opened at 6.30 pm by Professor Mark Ledbury, Director of the Power Institute, University of Sydney
Exhibition Dates 26 April - 23 Juni 2012

"Am I dreaming some impossible dream? Or just taking a reading with my space time machine?" Over the past years I have been producing photographic artworks focused on concepts of space and time and their relationship to larger cultural narratives. Read more


Art + Architecture & Design

The Greening of Sydney - Parks / Cycle Ways / Rain Gardens

Opening Thursday 26 April 6-8 pm
To be opened at 7 pm by Clover Moore, the Lord Major of Sydney and followed by a talk by Professor Ken Maher, Chairman HASSELL. 

Exhibition Dates 26 April - 23 May 2012

ASPECT Studios, Clouston Associates, HASSELL, James Mather Delaney Design, Jane Irwin Landscape Architects, KI Studio, McGregor Coxall, Oculus, Phillips Marler, Spackman Mossop Michaels, Sue Barnsley Design and Taylor Brammer.

 Read more


The gallery is closed for a summer break until February 2012.

18 December 2011 - 02 January 2012

The gallery will reopen with its annual Architecture Show followed by exhibitions with Richard Woldendorp, Louise Forthun, Catherine Woo and David Palliser and guest artists from Germany and America.


Euan Heng

Curious Music

Opening Saturday 19 November 4-6 pm
Exhibition Dates 17 November - 17 December 2011

Euan Heng’s exhibition borrows its title from the last stanza of Robert Louis Stevenson’s childrens’ poem The Land of Nod. But as with all great children’s literature, we should not be deceived into thinking the reference childish. The Land of Nod has mysterious, Surrealist undertones. To identify t ... Read more


Art + Architecture 11

After Images

Exhibition Dates 27 October - 12 November 2011
Opening and Silent Auction Friday 28 October 6 pm (bids close at 8 pm)
To be opened by Paul Pholeros AM, Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Sydney, Director, Healthabitat

After Images is an exhibition and auction of sketches of Japan by Australian and Japanese architects, in support of the Tohoku region's recovery from the devastating earthquakes and tsunami of March this year. The understanding of a 'sketch' is conceptually expanded to include photographs, collages, ... Read more


David Ralph

Flow Motion

Opening Thursday 22 September 6-8 pm Exhibition Dates 22 September - 15 October 2011

As the Greek philosopher Heraclites declared our only constant is change. In the exhibition Flow Motion Im continuing my interest in exploring the sensation of being mobile, in transition or flux between places and moments. Read more


John Martin

Bush Rhythm


As a young man John Martin was part of a movement that opposed all that was seen as traditional in Australian art, and landscape art was at the centre of that tradition. He condemned the so-called safe figurative tradition of the land. Throughout Read more