Farrell and Parkin at the AEAF in Adelaide


Posted 18 May 2010 - Farrell and Parkin have been invited to participate in DUETTO at the AEAF (Australian Experimental Art Foundation) in Adelaide.

On show at the Queens Theatre Venue will be Physiology of Spite and Manga Securities from Mangamorphosis.

A multi-venue project that includes performance, installation, photography, painting, video and exhibition ephemera, duetto examines of the dynamics that define both collaborative and individual practices of artists who live and work together. It will take place at the AEAF gallery, Queen’s Theatre, Mercury Cinema, and Adelaide Botanic Gardens.

lyndell brown and charles green · hossein and angela valamanesh · elizabeth presa / anastasia klose · polixeni papapetrou / robert nelson · d&k · john nixon / marco fusinato · corinne and arthur cantrill · alex rizkalla / julie davies · gregory burgess / pip stokes · tom nicholson / tony birch · gabriella mangano and silvana mangano · pip and pop · rose farrell and george parkin · stelarc / nina sellars · janet burchill / jennifer mccamley · jorge and lucy orta · rossella biscotti / kevin van braak · janine antoni / paul ramirez jonas · aleks danko / jude walton · alfredo and isabel aquilizan

28 May–26 June 2010
duo openings at duo venues on Thursday 27 May
AEAF gallery: 5.30-7pm
Queen’s Theatre: 7.00-8.30pm